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Jooseph is a content curation tool for course creators to share curated learning paths with their audience. So that they can learn new things without the clutter on the web!

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Turn your favorite articles, most useful youtube videos, latest podcasts and more curated links into interactive learning paths.

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Start accepting paid subscriptions for your work. Give your users better learning experiences in a sustainable way.

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Share latest announcements with your audience ,or engage with them through comments. Get closer to your audience.

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We know how hard it's to find all those resources and create a structured list. In this era internet is a mess. And it's time wasting to search for right content and resources.

You can accept subscription for time you saved for others. This makes things more sustainable for you, means; more consistent content from you.

Best way accept subscription is to creating an audience first. Not everyone become a subscriber from the day one. But you can grow your reach day by day.

Our content creator is free to use. We make money when you do. We have a 10% take rate once you start getting paid subscribers.

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